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1,500+ successful e-commerce brands, big and small, trust Snappic for growth

$130,364,885 in revenue generated and counting


Official Facebook Marketing Partners

Of One Sea -  Went From $15K to $167K/monthRevenue in Only 4 Months. 

Maryam Fortuna


I'd recommend Snappic to any store owner that wants to reach new customers. It is so easy and gives you more time to focus on your brand. I wake up in the morning and there are literally tons of orders, and I didn't even do anything.

Before Snappic, we'd reach $10K-15K/month. Now it's outstanding, we've reached up to $167K in one month.

Alice + Ames - 3X Daily Orders.


Geoff Lang


"Since we partnered with Snappic we've increased our daily order volume by 3X.

Snappic allowed us to bring our existing content, push it into ads and eliminated a lot of hours of work.


Valley Cruise Press - Went From $20K to $176K/month Revenue

Kelly Feigan


Before using Snappic we were really struggling with figuring out different audiences and how to target the best markets. Since using Snappic it's just been so much easier for us.

I would recommend Snappic to any store owner that wants to grow revenue and who wants to use ads to really help grow their business and take it to the next level.


SPEKS - Increased Sales by 10X in 6 Months. Only With Ads.

Craig Zucker


Our biggest challenge before using Snappic was getting sales on our website verses platforms like Amazon. Since using Snappic we have increased total sales to $210K/month, it was our largest sales channel in the month of September.

Snappic really helps us identify audiences, put up creative, create new campaigns. I'd recommend Snappic to anybody who wants to make money through paid ads through Instagram and Facebook.


EZPZ - From $89K to $573K/month in 12 months 

Cara Holland

Creative & Marketing Manager

The expertise of the team is invaluable. We're not ad experts, we don't have the time or the bandwidth to be figuring out different audiences to target. The platform is so much easier to use than Facebook.

We took a leap of faith, and I'm so glad we did because the results have been incredible.  


Atelier Bordelle - Over 1 Million Dollars Additional Revenue. Only With Ads.

Christy O'Rourke

Sales and Marketing Manager

Since using Snappic over the past 3 years, we've seen our sales grow over 30% and we've had our best ever month of sales.

We've been growing month on month and overall we've made over a Million Dollars. Snappic helped us access new markets that we were struggling with.


Sommer Swim - $306K additional revenue in 12 months. Only with ads.


Mott50 (acquired) - $55K additional revenue in 4 months.

Allison Tillett

Product Manager

"Before working with Snappic, we didn’t have a paid social plan in place and were only promoting our brand organically. Working with Snappic has been super easy. After we started, we saw our traffic increase dramatically while still maintaining a healthy conversion rate due to the creative remarketing content the Snappic marketing platform provided.

We saw results super quickly and Snappic helped generate an additional $55K in revenue in our first 4 months."

Within 4 months, using Snappic, we grew over $55K in additional revenue.


4X Qualified Traffic


2X Your Store Revenue


Save 5 times the cost of a marketing agency


Flood your site with high quality traffic using our "VIP-only Audience" feature

Tap into new audiences full of potential customers and unlock new growth by reaching only customers that are likely to buy and are similar to your best purchasers.

We introduce you to thousands of new people every day, so they can discover your brand and your products.

"Snappic has generated some of our biggest sales to date."

Pascale Leclère, Owner

Recover more orders with high converting personalized ads

Snappic’s behavioral retargeting analyzes what each of your customers like and will retarget them with a customized campaign tailored just for them.

"All our customers are a little different and I love that Snappic is able serve up different ads for every single customer with just the products they like."

Dave Carlson, CEO



Creative that stays true to your brand

Bring your shoppers back with images that represent your brand lifestyle and close the sale by showing them the best features of your product.

"It's an authentic and effective platform that I wish I had known about sooner."

Angela Scott, Owner



Build urgency and close the sale quicker

With Snappic's low inventory monitor system, you will be able to build that urgency and finally get those indecisive customers to complete the purchase.

"We are 1000% pleased with snappic! This is one of the few tools that lives up to the expectation."

Dave Allee, Owner

Make smarter decisions with in depth analytics

In marketing, you shouldn't be guessing. With Snappic's advanced reporting you'll be able to see which campaigns are doing best and learn more about your customers and their behavior.

"If you are a brand and you really want to scale your business, do it right now."

Anna Maria Sommer, Owner

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