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Sommer Swim - $0 to $306K additional revenue in 12 months. Only with ads.

Snappic has been nothing but a great improvement for us. Before Snappic we were struggling and losing money with ads and after about a year we can say our results are just amazing. We made an additional $306K and our ROI is about 10X.

Within 12 months, using Snappic, we grew over $306K in additional revenue.


Anna Maria Sommer


Spirithoods- $0 to $616K additional revenue in 

12 months. 

"Our ROI is consistently at 11X. Before using Snappic, social marketing was a headache. Since we started using Snappic we’ve been able to pull an 11X ROI."

Not only I have recommended Snappic to other people already. I have friends that are using Snappic as their main source of online advertising and they are very happy with it.

Within 12 months, using Snappic, we grew over $616K in additional revenue.


Marley Marotta

Marketing Director

ABS2B Fitness - $0 to $606K additional revenue in 12 months. 

"Before we started using Snappic we were really struggling creating Facebook ads ourselves and it was a total chaos and we were losing a lot of money. 

Snappic was a game changer for our company. We doubled up our sales within months. Last year we had 16X ROI which is way above average in the industry."

After we decided to get on with Snappic, sales skyrocketed for us.


Amanda Ortega


"With the help of, this surfboard manufacturer created dynamic ads made up of photos from its Instagram feed and ran them across Instagram, Facebook and Audience Network, achieving a 24X increase in return on ad spend."

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